Often overlooked, but always needed in a film or a television show, the humble commercial vehicle is a forgotton hero of the screens.

Some examples:

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London , Taxi - Carbodies - FX4R
Reference id: FC-495
Category: Commercial
Make: London
Model: Taxi - Carbodies - FX4R
Year: 1985
Volkswagen, Transporter T4
Reference id: FC-516
Category: Commercial
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Transporter T4
Year: 1996
Nissan, Terrano 2 SWB 4X4 Van
Reference id: FC-608
Category: Commercial
Make: Nissan
Model: Terrano 2 SWB 4X4 Van
Year: please choose...
Landrover, Defender 110
Reference id: FC-656
Category: Commercial
Make: Landrover
Model: Defender 110
Year: 1994
Dodge, Commer Q4
Reference id: FC-657
Category: Commercial
Make: Dodge
Model: Commer Q4
Year: 1956

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