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We are an agency providing vehicles to the film, TV and advertising industries. Our specialty is classic cars, but we have everything from emergency and military vehicles, to modern (or “day to day”) cars and motorbikes. And that’s just for starters.

Do you need a regular car for a simple passing shot? A caravan to transport your movie family on their summer holiday? A motorbike to dodge traffic in a highly choreographed car chase? Or a fire engine to rescue extras from a staged burning building? That’s all in a day’s work for us.

Jaguar, Cadillac, BMW, Peugeot, Fiat, Lotus, Chevrolet, Yamaha, Lincoln, Mini; these are all names that we know well. In short, we have everything that you may need.

We’re now a subsidiary of LS Productions, the UK’s largest stills and motion Service Production Company. Our combined wealth of experience in the UK film and television industry, production and props, client list and shared, strong company values mean that you’re in safe hands. Need more than a vehicle for your shoot? LS Productions can provide any and everything else you require, be it crew, accommodation, catering, equipment or locations.

Just want a vehicle? Then that’s fine, too.

Vehicle owners, fancy a slice of the action?

There’s nothing quite like spotting your car in a TV advert, on the pages of Vogue, or having Jason Statham driving it on the silver screen*. Does this sound up your street? Have a vehicle you’d like to register? If so, please head to the registration section of our website for more information.

* Jason Statham won’t harm your car, we promise.

Want to hire one of our vehicles?

Whether it’s that you’ve spotted a vehicle that you’d like, or need something very specific; please contact us directly with any vehicle hire requirements. We can help with providing and sourcing vehicles, advice on what type of vehicle may be best suited to your project or just generally great car things.
Very scientific, we know.
» Please go to our book a vehicle or contact page.

Our Services

  • We act as an agency for the vehicle owner.
  • We liaise between the vehicle owner and client, making the whole experience as seamless as possible for both parties.
  • We hire vehicles for set dressing purposes.
  • We provide action vehicles.
  • We build vehicles to your design/ specification.
  • Where needed, we work with our partner company LS Productions to provide end-to-end service production for your shoot.

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