With so many shows being centred around the emergency services more often than not the car is becoming the star of the show. Othertimes the ambulance in the background just whizzes past, but where do they come from? How do you find a 1980s police car for your period cop show?

Let Film Cars do that for you. Please contact us for more information as we can clone and dress all manner of vehicles for your production. See below for some examples of both modern and classic, Fire vehciles, ambulances, police cars and military vehciles.

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jaguar, s type police model
Reference id: FC-318
Category: Emergency
Make: jaguar
Model: s type police model
Year: 1968
Austin, Princess Ambulance A135 DA2
Reference id: FC-475
Category: Emergency
Make: Austin
Model: Princess Ambulance A135 DA2
Year: 1957
Bedford, RLHZ Emergency Pump
Reference id: FC-604
Category: Emergency
Make: Bedford
Model: RLHZ Emergency Pump
Year: 1956
Ford, Anglia
Reference id: FC-794
Category: Emergency
Make: Ford
Model: Anglia
Year: 1959
Honda, CRV
Reference id: FC-795
Category: Emergency
Make: Honda
Model: CRV
Year: 2003

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